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Saturday, August 22, 2009

the South

Apparently I live in the South now. This whole time I thought we were moving to the East Coast (which I guess we did), but I failed to realize the fact that Virginia is considered one of the southern states. I should post a Confederate flag here to annoy my sister-in-law who also lives in Virginia. Coming from the West Coast originally, the fact that anyone still flies/displays a Confederate flag is a shock. And other than a brief layover to switch planes in Charlotte, North Carolina several years ago, the furthest south I've been on the East Coast is Petersburg, VA. Still not very "south" in my book. But when we were preparing for this move, and I was looking for places to rent or buy, one of the townhomes had two pictures trying to allure me into buying it that cracked me up. The first picture was of the front of the home, where, in the driveway was parked one of those giant pick-up trucks with those rabbit ear headlights on its roof. The second picture was of the large, poorly furnished basement rec room that included a giant Confederate flag hanging above the door or fire place... somewhere like that in a place of importance. Seriously, this is crazy to me. It makes me a little bit afraid to visit a southern state that is further south, say Georgia or Mississippi. And what about Florida? Is it considered the South??

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Angela said...

I spent a summer in North Carolina and loved it, however I have had mixed experiences in other southern states. I don't think I would ever want to live in the deep south, but Virginia especially D.C. is awesome.

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