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We've moved!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Move Update

***Update*** I went through our shed today and didn't find the box. So I attacked the Harry Potter Closet again and found a box marked "Yearbooks and Photo Albums," but it was a cardboard box, and I know all of our yearbooks and photos are now in Rubbermaid containers, so I pulled it out, flipped it over and saw that it was marked "Office and Pencils." Hooray. It also has our computer discs in it which we were looking for the other day.

We've opened every box we moved unless it was labeled with the name of a holiday. Yet... still missing are Jed's pencil collection. I know that all of our nice pens and pencils are in there. And I've discovered what else is probably in that box, both of our three hole punches. This is frustrating because I really needed a three whole punch last night.

Where is this mystery box? Last weekend I went through all the toy boxes I swore I wasn't going to unpack and didn't find the pencil collection. And I went through the game boxes. No pencil collection. And we rechecked the Harry Potter storage closet under our stairs. Nope. We started to check our outdoor shed where all of our holiday decorations, outgrown kid carseats and such are being stored. But it started raining and then pouring so we abandoned that almost as soon as we started. I guess that's next on my list to do...

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