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Thursday, August 20, 2009


When we moved to Kansas almost four years ago Jed had quit his job and was going back to school full-time. As a way to spend less money, we basically stopped buying books. In the past four years (not including kids' books) we've probably only bought 2 dozen books. I realize that to most people, that isn't "stopped buying," but this is how many books we own:

Actually, it's not all of them. This doesn't include most of our kid books, or an entire little bookshelf of textbooks, reference books, or any of the books that we've found randomly shoved in the boxes we're still unpacking.

Needless to say, I've become heavily dependent on my library. I assumed that moving to a larger metro area would automatically mean a much more stocked library (not that the one in Kansas was lacking). Plus, our new library is a library system, involving multiple libraries... more room for more stuff, right? We got our new library cards as soon as we had received mail at our new address proving our address.

Along with the "stopped buying" of books, we also never got cable. All of our "TV watching" is movies or TV show episodes (either owned, online, or checked out from the library or Redbox). I checked our new library's catalog next week figuring that pretty soon the most recent seasons of TV shows like Ugly Betty and CSI would be available on dvd. AND our library DOESN'T have TV shows on dvd. WHAT?!?! So I checked the next county/city over to see if we could get cards for their library. And we can, hooray. BUT they don't have TV seasons on dvd either. AHHH. What am I going to do? How am I ever going to know what happens on my shows?

I'm considering Netflix, but don't really want an added expense. Maybe the Topeka Library would still mail me stuff in Virginia??

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wendys said...

That's an impressive stack of books!

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