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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Leaving Kansas

I've been trying really hard not to actually think about the leaving Kansas part of our move. When we left California nearly four years ago for Kansas, everyone thought we were crazy. We were also a little skeptical about what our experience in Kansas would be. But honestly, we have loved it here. We've basically spent half of our marriage in California and the other half in Kansas. If it wasn't for my family in California (the beach, great weather, and certain restaurants*) , Kansas would win, hands down.

So, thank you to our friends in Kansas. People who invite my kids over to play no matter how many times I never reciprocated. Friends who have watched my kids during my doctor appointments, and Baby X's doctor appointments. Music class on Fridays at the church with all the little kids. Music class field trips in the summer when school is out. Apple picking. Strawberry picking. Blueberry picking. Asparagus picking. Trips to the Pumpkin Patch. The Topeka Zoo. Deanna Rose Farmstead. The preschool groups we've been involved in. The friends we've met here who have already moved away. The people who I've worked with in church callings, and who have supported me in my church callings. Everyone who has made our family feel welcome, and part of the group. My friends who have come and been excited about the book club I started here. I could go on and on, but if I do I would start thinking about the fact that we're leaving Kansas, and that's not something I can handle right now.

While we're excited to go to Virginia, no one is really looking forward to leaving Kansas. We just keep telling ourselves that maybe we'll find a job back in Kansas in three years and we'll be returning. So really, this is just a 3 year long vacation and then we'll come home.

Besides the people, here's what I'll miss about Kansas:

  • Muncher's Bakery cream cheese donuts
  • Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, KS
  • The cheese salsa dip at El Mezcal
  • Steak and Shake vanilla milkshakes (Do they have these in Virginia?)
  • Beautiful fields
  • Fields of wheat and corn and soy beans and sunflowers
  • Sylas and Maddy's ice cream shop with all of its unique flavors (One of my faves was LadyBug Crunch... Strawberry ice cream with crushed OREOS)
  • The local library who has supplied me with almost all of the books I've read over the past 4 years
  • A library that has ordered almost every book or dvd that I've asked them to
  • Library storytime
  • Lawrence's cool downtown
  • HS football games in the big college stadiums so our kids think we're at a KU game
  • Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant (my kids LOVE this place, me, not so much)

*There are other great things about California, and we did have some friends there that we've missed, but it doesn't compare to the friends we've had in Kansas these past 4 years.


wendys said...

You almost make me want to move to Kansas!

Myk said...

Good luck! We will miss you guys!

Erin said...

I'll go eat a donut for you if that helps. We miss you already!

Miss L said...

Delurking to say that I came across your blog about a year ago. I live in Shawnee, and it's been so fun to read about all the great things you've done with your family in (and out of) Kansas! Thanks for being a great representative of the state...Kansas will miss you. But I look forward to reading about your awesome adventures in Virginia. Best of luck!

erik said...

I'm glad I wasn't in town to say goodbye. It won't be the same without you there. We will miss you!

erik said...

Although I'm sure Erik shares my sentiments, I accidently posted under his account name. So Ditto to the comment above. hee hee

julie said...

As difficult as it is to leave a place you love, I think you'll make another great group of friends in Virginia, and after three years, you probably won't want to leave that place either. Good luck making the transition. BTW, are you going to continue homeschool?

Angela said...

When I moved to Arizona I pretended I was at a 2 year band camp and that I would be moving back to Utah the minute it was over. Strangely enough, it really worked. Who would have thought you would love Kansas so much? I'm with Wendy, it makes me want to move there:)

n.a. said...

Have a great 3 year vacation! We miss you guys!

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