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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I naively thought that leaving Kansas meant no more creepy bugs. Jed and I walked into the kitchen, filled two bowls with Moose Track ice cream, walked to the living room, ate some ice cream. Jed finished his ice cream, returned to the kitchen and then hollered out on his way back to the couch. THIS, was in the path we'd just crossed numerous times in the past five minutes. THIS:

image from BugGuide.Net
Because we aren't brave enough willing to take the glass off of this
creature in order to get a picture without a flash spot.

And it's speedy. Jed and I were worried that it was going to be able to knock over the glass we captured it in because it freaked out and was all over the place. I can almost handle creepy alone, and speedy alone... but creepy AND speedy TOGETHER! Eek.

Jed and I were both flabbergasted by what it could be. Our guess: part scorpion, part centipede. I read up on it online and it's a house centipede that eats spiders and you want around. But seriously... I don't want this thing around. I'm not going to be able to sleep at night. Where did it come from?!?


JT said...

I like it. Not that I want it in my house, but if it will eat spiders and 'they' say it is good to have around, then common wisdom would suggest that I should want it too.

julie said...

I hate spiders, but I think I hate THAT thing more than spiders! I'm with you - I don't want that in my house anywhere I can see it. Major freekouts if my daughters or I ever saw something like that.

Angela said...

THAT IS DISGUSTING!! My computer froze with it on the screen and I was frantically clicking the arrow to scroll down, but it would not respond. I was freaking out so much I had to turn my computer around until it unfroze. Yuck, I feel gross. I would kill spiders any day over having that thing in my house!

Erin said...

I think that has the Kansas bugs beat. YIKES!

Kristi said...

I meant to comment on this days and days ago. I don't care if it eats spiders that thing is naaasty! My grandma used to have them in her house and my mom still made me sleep on the floor. I hated it.

LisAway said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAK! You're bringing back nightmares! I nannied in Maryland (a stone's throw from the border to Virginia) and in the basement I lived in those were everywhere. I HATED them. I'd described them to my sis and brother in law countless times and they didn't believe my description. Then one day they were visiting me and one ran from under my bed into my closet. My BIL said, "I think a mouse just ran into your closet!!" So I told him, no, it wasn't a mouse. After that he believed me about the size and speed and DISGUSTINGNESS of those things. YIKES is right. *shudder*

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