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Friday, August 14, 2009


Every kid wants to join, start or be a part of a club, right? Or so Princess Sparkley's constant starting up of new clubs has reminded me about my own childhood. But there was never a club I really wanted to join as a kid... at least not of the official variety. I wanted to eat Girl Scout Cookies, but not be a girl scout. 4H seemed too farmy. G.A.T.E. bored me with lots of Lego building. So when I became an adult and book clubs became popular, I was thrilled.

With our move away from the book club I started in Kansas, I am club-less. And with our upcoming schedule, I'm not sure I could fit in a book club meeting anyway. So I've brought back my online book club. It started as a few friends of mine from BYU... mostly English or English-teaching majors, but one music PhD. as well, to mix things up. And now I'm opening it up to any of my friends/readers here that also want to be part of a club, but can't fit a regular book club meeting into their schedule.

Our first book is Yoko Ogawa's The Housekeeper and the Professor. The discussion will start here on August 28th. I'll post... something, my thoughts, I guess. And you can comment. We'll see how things go.


wendys said...

I hope to come back to the reading world soon, and if I do I will join your online book club!

Angela said...

I'm proud to mix things up:)

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