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Monday, August 24, 2009


I've fallen a bit out of the habit of regularly blogging... what with packing up all of our worldly belongings, moving halfway across the country, and then having to unpack them and all. I'm trying to be better. Throughout the day I have all these little ideas and my brain jumps on them thinking, "that's a great blog post." And then the day continues on and by the time the kids are in bed and I can actually sit at the computer for a minute... my brain is mush and I remember nothing. Here are some random thoughts to fill-in for the AWESOME blog ideas until I remember them:

  • We got drenched in rain at the National Zoo on Saturday and I'm blaming that on my current cold. *Sneeze.*
  • I got to see pandas at the zoo. I love pandas. I have since I was a little girl. And a few years ago I read this book, which made seeing pandas alive in captivity at a zoo seem even more special.
  • We have been going to be at 11 o'clock California time on quite a regular basis. I'll let you do the math. I'm also blaming my cold on that.
  • We've been waiting for this move to renew our T-Mobile* contract and get new phones. Now that we're here and have been shopping around, it still looks like T-Mobile fits what we need best. I didn't want to pay such a high activation fee though and thought that maybe as current customers it would be waved. It is. So we logged on today to start the process of upgrading our phones and we hit some snags. First, Jed isn't on the account. So we had to add him so he could talk to the guy rather than me with my sore throat. Then when we called back later in the day, I had to add him to the account again, because instead of putting Jed, they left out a letter. Then we go to look at what phones we can get and there are way fewer to pick from as returning customers. And only two are free. So we finally decide it's still better than paying an activation fee with another phone company, we get everything in our virtual cart and go to check out. Oh, wait. There's an upgrade fee. Still not as steep as an activation fee. But a not free phone and an upgrade fee did not make us happy. Tonight I logged on to see how much their activation fee was versus AT&T and it turns out there's a special right now online and T-Mobile is waiving their activation fees. My new phones arrive in 2-4 days. Hooray.
  • I can get library cards for at least two surrounding towns/counties. This is exciting news because I'm becoming more and more disappointed in my local library district. First, they have almost no movies or TV seasons on dvd. Second, their book selection seems very limited as well. The only problem is, the nearest library that I've come across so far, that has Ugly Betty, CSI and the Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures books, is 30 minutes away when there is no traffic. And the chance of no traffic in its city is very slim.
  • Only two people have commented on my Bake and Blog contest where you get to pick what I bake and blog about. One is my husband volunteering to take pictures of my while I bake and requesting that I am scantily clad. The other wants a zucchini recipe, and I only have one of those. Hurry and comment.
  • I got myself fairly lost today trying to find a Sam's Club but then got myself successfully unlost with the use of our new map.
  • We now live sort of near an Ikea. While in Kansas we'd often debate about whether or not we'd go to Minnesota or Texas in order to explore Ikea once more. Obviously, we did neither. Or maybe that's not so obvious becuase we go on all sorts of crazy trips to see weird stuff and get counties.
  • I'm offf to bake this, assuming I have all the ingredients. It's still not even 11 on the East Coast, I have plenty of time. :)

*If you have T-Mobile you can call me for free and we can chat and chat and chat to our hearts content. Unless you are an internet stalker (not of the friendly blog stalking variety).


wendys said...

I actually am on T-Mobile too! But i am not much of a telephone talker. Too bad Tiff's not on T-mobil.

Flores Hayes said...

oh I love pandas!
and I bought a cuddly panda bag that I can hardly put it down!
Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)

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