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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School


Kansas started school a couple of weeks ago. Virginia doesn't start until after Labor Day (which, in my mind, is when school should start). We're following Jed's university calendar and starting on Monday. I figure the last day of August is almost September, and that's when school should start... September.

Here's the problem with homeschooling... back to school isn't quite as exciting. I love shopping for school supplies (Princess Sparkley informed me earlier this week that she does as well). But with homeschooling, I don't have a list provided by the school of all the things my second grader and *gulp* Kindergartner need for the school year. I don't even really need anything. We have our library cards. We have our internet connection. I've renewed my membership with Enchanted Learning. I found the box of missing office supplies so we now have rulers and staplers and pens and pencils and hole punches. We already had markers and crayons and colored pencils coming out of our ears. I gave up long ago buying my kids their own coloring paper, they just use our printer paper.

I am planning a trip to Walgreens and Office Depot to check out their student workbooks. I especially like the ones put out by School Zone that Walgreens carries and Mead that Office Depot carries. In a bit I'll check out the giant workbooks at Sam's Club to see if any of them are worth our money.

We've mapped out the school year, but not quite the lesson plans. We're just about set to go. I just have to buckle down and get in the right mode. Buddy is already in the right mode. He's THRILLED for school to start. He asked me the other day when he's going to learn to read (her reading has become a huge separation between he and Princess Sparkley since they are only 20 months apart). This morning I asked him what he was excited about most in school starting and he told me "learning about weather." Princess Sparkley is another story. She freaks out at the mention of school. She'd rather spend her days in some crazy half real/half dress-up outfit - lounging on her bed, my bed, the couch, the floor - reading a book.

*This chart is one of two. This is how we mapped out the school year. We're breaking free of a virtual school this year and just going out on our own. (Ahhh!) Mostly, we're following the Virginia Standards of Learning for each of the respective grades, making sure we teach them what they are supposed to learn (because at the end of the school year, in Virginia, they'll have to be tested/evaluated to make sure they've progressed).

Each day of the chart has two columns. PS's are pink, Buddy's are orange and blue. Underneath are the lessons they'll share the same: history, science, art, Spanish, health and PE. The post-its are English (Language Arts and Phonics) and math, where they'll have their own lessons and work. PS's lessons that they share will be a bit more in depth and with more work. Buddy's will be the basics. We'll see how it works out.


Cristin said...

Wow, Nancy! I am impressed at your organization.

Angela said...

How on earth do you have the time for this? Everyone else in the world is posting about how they are so happy their kids are going back to school and they will be alone again in the house, you on the other hand have taken on a huge workload. I admire your work ethic!

wendys said...

Way to go! I bet by the end of the year you will have Baby X reading as well.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I would have picked a different orifice to describe what our markers and crayons are coming out of, but "ear" works.
Last Monday morning when I told Buddy that my math camp was starting he asked very excitedly, "Do I get to do school today?!"
(When I comment on your blog, my screen name takes on a strange, existential meaning. I kind of like it.)

Mormon Scientist said...

Look here Nance... I read before that you were going to bake something suggested by a reader by Aug 31st. Well, I poured my heart and soul into a bake suggestion and am yet to see pictures of a fantastic custard desert with a fired sugar topping. :(

Don't tell me you are baking snikerdoodles... and the idea of cooking in skimpy cloths is appealing, but not very palatable (and would get into trouble with my wife).

So, what ARE you baking? And, will you mail it to me?

Kristi said...

I am with you that school should be starting later in KS. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks! Ahh! Your curriculum plan looks great! How many kids get to take Spanish in Kindergarten, well, besides the ESL kids.

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