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Monday, July 20, 2009

Same Name

Recently, Jed has been trying to convince me to go back to my maiden name arguing that he knew me by my maiden name for 17 years or so before we were married and he still always thinks of me that way. I was never very excited to marry into a family that already had two people with my exact first and last name in it (Jed's aunt whom I've never met and some cousin of his dad's-- both women in their 50s I'd be willing put money on). Plus, he says it isn't as important to him now that I take his name as it was when we were married. He keeps telling me that when we go to church after this big move to Virginia he's going to introduce me with my maiden name. We'll see.

Anyway, what prompted all of this thought is this funny article I read about a guy and a girl, both named Kelly, who also both have the same last name and are getting married. She can keep her name (while also taking on her husband's name), but they have the same name and have to refer to themselves as Kelly girl and Kelly boy. AND, they met because she searched for her own name in Facebook and the only other person was this guy. So she sent him a quick message about how it was funny they had the same name... and now they are getting married.


Angela said...

I miss your maiden name too, however I would never want to change my name again for anything. It is such an enormous hassle!

Nathan said...

That is a funny article. I knew someone named Kelly who married someone with the last name Kelly. Kelly Kelly. I agree that changing your name would be too much of a hassle and everyone would think you are a radical feminist.

Myk said...

Just as long as you don't hyphen. I can't stand the hyphens.

Cristin said...

I agree about the hyphen thing. I hate that. Jed is right though, you really do have a chance to be "new people" when you move.

Kristi said...

Being the radical feminist that I am :), I was reluctant to change my name at all. Who is KP anyhow? I am glad to share the same name as my kids. I would think people might wonder if we had different names that I was either remarried or some other arrangement.

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