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We've moved!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pack Rats

With Jed home on Saturday we got a ton done. Mainly, the kids' bedrooms. He took apart bunk beds. I took apart a crib. Baby X's bedroom currently consists of a portable crib buried in a room full of boxes and bunk bed parts. The big kids think their room is awesome. They each have a mattress on the floor, a box of library books, a small box of toys, and all of their remaining clothes are crammed into Buddy's tiny, Rubbermaid plastic dresser. I'm starting to like this simplified toy life, but then they still manage to make a disaster of their room multiple times throughout the day.

As Jed and I were trying to get our room packed last night he said to me something along the lines of, "we could through most of this crap away and never even notice." And it's true, to an extent. We have a lot of stuff. A LOT. When we made the move here from California almost four years ago, we knew we'd probably never be moving that far west again (and our truck was uber expensive), so we brought all of our childhood stuff with us. And we have a lot of stuff from our childhoods. Jed did a pretty good job as a kid of going through all of his stuff and videotaping it while talking about it. But since then he's gotten a lot more stuff. Then throw my stuff into the mix... and all of our kids junk (which often times consists of actual trash they can not part with) and we're in trouble.

I just went to our storage unit to scavenge for our last few empty boxes and saw the boxes of stuff from Jed's missionary days and both of our childhoods. I just wanted to bring it all home and go through it because I know that each year that passes makes it that much easier to part with some of that stuff. I'm pretty sure I could eliminate a lot of crap. But we don't really have time for that yet. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go through that after this move, and before we have to move again. It was so upsetting when we moved here and for the first several weeks I was driving box after box to Goodwill... why didn't we just rid of it BEFORE the move?? But that was a quick, unexpected move. And while we've been able to plan for this one, and we have gotten rid of a lot on ebay and Craigslist and Goodwill... there's still SO MUCH MORE.

Maybe you'll hear from me again before the move. Probably you will... unless a leaning tower of boxes crushes me.


Clark Family said...

Haha! I wish I would have known earlier about your desire to get rid of more junk......I like to say I'm a professional clean sweeper and LOVE to help people part with things! It is easier when you have an outsider to come in and help or even videotape some of the stuff. That is a great idea actually...never thought of it! What day do you leave?

wendys said...

Good luck with the final cleaning and packing! It can be so satisfying to clean out. On some things I debate about whether to part with them or not but when I do, I almost never miss them.

Angela said...

We too have SO much stuff, let me rephrase that, Adam has So much stuff! When we moved to Idaho I threw away most of my stuff, but Adam can't seem to part with stuff that looks like car parts to me.

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