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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green Thumb

I wrote here about how I don't have a green thumb but wish I did. Due to our impending move, we didn't plant any sort of garden this year. For a little church music class I taught on Earth Day, we planted sunflower seeds in an egg carton. I sent a little egg parcel planted with a seed home with each kid, and still ended up with at least 3 dozen seeds to plant. I planted 18 of them in an egg carton 9the rest PS scattered around the creek by our house... I haven't noticed any growing) and was amazed to watch them grow (and kicking myself for never taking a picture of them at their cute tiny stage). When they were about 2-3 inches tall, I switched them to flower pots and moved them outside. When we were leaving for two weeks in Utah, Jed planted them in the actual ground figuring they'd have a better chance of staying alive if they could soak up all the water in the ground, and not rely on rain water while we were away.

They are huge. Taller than all of my children (separately, not standing on each other's heads). And one is very close to being taller than I am... and it flowered this week!! I'm so proud of my little sunflowers.

The top left and bottom right picture were taken a few days ago before my one sunflower had bloomed.


Erin said...

Those are so gorgeous! What a great memory of Kansas. I have tried to plant sunflowers every year and they get eaten by bunnies and I have only ever gotten two small ones.

Malissa said...

Very nice! My flowers didn't fair so well this year. I think the soil needed some fertilizing beforehand.

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