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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Pictures

For most of my childhood, my mom had a fancy painting done of our family hanging in a hallway, room or staircase wall. The problem with this photo was that I wasn't in it (unless you count the wallet sized school picture I tucked in the corner of the frame). My family rarely got photos taken. This fancy portrait was taken just a year or two before I was born, then when I was 7 or so we had family pictures taken at Sears or somewhere. And I wasn't in another family picture until I was in college, both my siblings were married and each had one kid. So approximately 12 years later.

minus my school picture tucked in the corner

I'm about 7 here in my first ever official family picture.

I'm in college.

Due to this lack of family pictures, I have tried to have more pictures taken of our family and with greater frequency. Unfortunately at one point we were able to get a huge one, and since then, the pictures haven't been able to be blown up as large. So the one hanging over our fireplace was taken when Buddy was 2 1/2. He's coming up on 5 1/2. We have more recent pictures. They too are on display in various locations in our home. But the one over the fireplace is of course the most noticeable. Poor Baby X. This needs to be remedied before he starts tucking his own little snapshots in the corner of the frame.

Luckily, our good friends were in town recently and Rachel is an excellent photographer. If I'd only known this about her when we were actually living in the same town. Now she lives in southern California (southern California readers, take note Rachel Clare Photography) where she continues to impress me with the pictures she captures. While they were in town she was nice enough to take some pictures of our family... you can get a sneak peak here.*

*Friends and family... forget you've seen these so you are surprised when they arrive in your Christmas card in a few months.


wendys said...

Cute photo! Buddy and PS look a lot alike in that picture. PS raised her foot at just the right moment to avoid an underwear shot! The other pics are great too. Love the Bright colors.

LisAway said...

Great family shot!

We have (dare I say it) never had a family picture taken by a professional. Or even any at all by friends or ourselves that we dressed up for or anything.

We should really do that one of these years. . .

Heather Payne said...

How sad is it that I REMEMBER that photo you're talking about that hung in your childhood home. It was cute, if somewhat outdated. These pics are great! Looks like you got some awesome shots. Now you're done for life. Just tack up a small pic of any other kids you have in the corner of these and you're good to go. Grace's grandma is still employing that with her baby pic. You're not alone.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I see Rachel's photography skillz couldn't do anything about the fat balding man in your family. That's a shame.

Cristin said...

I love it. This reminds me that we have NO formal family photos like this. Very sad. I keep thinking we'll do it when the kids are older and better behaved. But that might not happen for a long time....

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