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We've moved!

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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Big Move

According to my little ticker tape countdown to the right... Today is the big move.

We picked up the truck yesterday. It's enormous. Jed went back and forth all day about whether or not everything we own would fit. It did. With some space. If Jed had it his way, he and I would load the entire truck on our own. Luckily, Jed has helped enough people move that people felt the need to reciprocate and we had some help. I was especially thankful because otherwise I'd be stuck carrying a California King sized mattress down our steep stairway.

Last night some friends had us over for a goodbye dinner and a break from packing. Then we came home and finished loading all the last, awkwardly shaped stuff. Everything that's left needs to go in the car with me (just clothes and entertainment for the next few days, along with the cleaning supplies and vacuum I'm currently using).

Now it's cleaning time. I've done most of the easy stuff. All the bedrooms are vacuumed. The windows (except in the kitchen) are clean. The downstairs half bath is clean. Then upstairs full bath is clean except for the bathtub part. I just need to clear out some junk downstairs, vacuum and then attack the kitchen and finish the bathroom and we're ready to roll. Sort of. We have to have a moving out inspection. And then Jed has to get done with his last day at work. THEN, we're ready to roll.


LisAway said...

Oh wow!! Good luck tying up all the loose ends. How exciting! Happy Trails! I'm glad your blog stays with you wherever you go! (for my sake, I mean)

wendys said...

You are on your way! Good luck! You will have to post pictures of the new home whenever you get there.

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