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Monday, June 08, 2009

Nancy Drew Birthday Party Insanity

Since Princess Sparkley's birthday is just a week after we move to Virginia, I promised her several months ago that she could have a party with her friends from school and church before me moved. Today was the day. I may have gotten a bit carried away since I too love Nancy Drew.* All the white boxes are where I've removed our names.

The invitation.

PS didn't want to go with the typical, 1950s Nancy Drew cover, those books seem a little scary for her. These Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books are currently what she's loving, so we modeled the invite after one of those books. Sort of.

The invite, once it was folded to resemble a book.

The inside of the invite. The font is 6 or 8, hence the need for a magnifying glass.
Click to enlarge and you should be able to read it.

I punched a hole in the top of these, typed the girls' names on them and had them draw their picture in the little box. These were their detective badges.

When the girls showed up at the party we made plaid headbands (more reminiscent of the recent Nancy Drew movie starring Emma Roberts). I bought the headbands (and most of the party favors) from Oriental Trading Company and we used glue dots to attach some plaid ribbon. They aren't fancy or fantastic, but will work great for dress-up. You'll have to scroll down for pictures of the girls at the party to see the headbands on them.

Each girl took home a Sleuth Kit.
The Sleuth kit included:
a pink pencil that said "Girl Detective"
finger print ink pad
a clue notebook
small flashlight
tin box (Altoid tins, painted and with a magnifying glass depicted on the front) full of lemon Jelly Bellies since Nancy (at least in the movie) carried around a tin of Hannah (her maid/nanny's) Lemon Bars or Blondies.

We were supposed to do some fingerprint art ala Ed Emberley, but I forgot, and it was so windy we didn't really want to deal with paper any more than we had to, so I folded the sheets up and added them to their sleuthing kit to take home.

The "cake" was sprinkle donuts with craft lollipop sticks in them to look like magnifying glasses.

Hunting for clues. I hid 8 clues around the park, each leading them to the next spot and finally to the little tent structure at the top of the tall slide, where the presents were hidden.

Our Girl Detectives.
(and Boy Detective, although Buddy's stuff all said "Dog Detective")

*To give credit where credit is due, I got a lot of my ideas here and here and here and here.

**The picture of PS was turned into a cartoon here, thanks to advice from this reader.


Cristin said...

Nancy - AHHH, you are SO creative and good at this stuff. Even if you did get your ideas from elsewhere, you carried it out well. It looks like a real success. I'm throwing a b-day party for Luke on Friday and I'm still a little unsure about what we're going to do. I'm so impressed.

Myk said...

can I say that I am jealous of Ella's party?

Angela said...

Um I feel really sorry for my future children because I could NEVER in a million years accomplish this! Thats why Aunt Nancy needs to live next door and be the official party planner. Tell Jed its for the children...oh and btw how on earth did you get a cartoon Princess Sparkley?

Nance said...

I cartoonized Princess Sparkley at befunky.com .... I added a link at the bottom of the post.

kmp said...

Any chance you would share your template for the invite? I am planning my nieces Nancy Drew birthday party for March...and am having trouble mocking up a book cover as nice as yours!!!! Thanks so much for your ideas & creativity!!!

Kathleen in Cincinnati and Rosie, the birthday girl!

Any Mom said...

what font did you use for the Nancy drew and the clue crew lines?

Nance said...

Any Mom - It's actually the scanned in image of a book that I artistically altered so that it still looked like the book, but had my daughter's birthday party info on it.

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