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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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We drink a variety of milk at our house. Jed used to drink skim milk (yuck), but now drinks soy milk. Me and the older kids were drinking 1% milk. And in January, Baby X transitioned to whole milk.

To sort of ease things on the milk buying front, I started buying 1/2 gallons of 1% for me and had Princess Sparkley and Buddy move back to drinking whole milk with Baby X. I figured they are skinny enough that whole milk would be good for them.

But I wasn't drinking milk fast enough on my own to beat the expiration dates, so it became whichever milk there was more of in the fridge is what Princess Sparkley and Buddy got to drink. So if there was more whole milk, they drank it. If there was more 1%, they'd have 1%.

For the past week they've been drinking whole milk until last night at dinner. I poured Princess Sparkley some 1%. Her reaction was that it was gross and tasted like water. She tends to complain a lot about what her milk tastes like, no matter what, so I was sort of blowing it off. But then I had to laugh because compared to the whole milk she had been drinking all week, 1% probably did taste like water. That's how I feel about skim milk compared to 1%.

What kind of milk do you drink?


Just a Tool said...

Princess drinks whole milk, Duchess drinks skim, and I don't like milk (let's face it, it is a non-translucent fatty liquid that comes out of the orifice in another mammal's nipple). I try not to eat other animals internal organs, any reproductive parts, or strange liquids. When I need a milk-like liquid it is light vanilla soy for me.

wendys said...

We buy whole and 2%. I don't typically drink milk at all but I do like soy milk.

Kristi said...

I drink 1%. I would drink skim if anyone else would too in my family. I hate thick milk. It makes me think of what the previous poster said about orifices and nipples. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I can hardly type those two words. When Erik and I got married he drank whole and I drank skim. We compromised with 1%. I only had to budge one step while Erik had to go two.

Cristin said...

I have to agree with PS. 1% tastes like water. I can do 2%, but no lower than that. I would drink cream if I could.

Angela said...

I drink 1% and above, I refuse to drink skim milk because it does indeed taste like sickness, and its a weird blue color. I actually prefer chocolate milk to be honest:)

Angela said...

oh yeah, I once knew a girl who called in "melk" it used to drive me insane.

LisAway said...

I never liked milk. I always drank 2% until my personal health and fitness professor at Ricks challenged us to try skim for a week and see if we didn't prefer it. I am now a lover of skim. I think it was the fat I hated so much, or something. I still don't love it enough to drink it with dinner, though. Only brownies and cookies and pancakes, muffins and other breakfast food. And on cereal, of course.

julie said...

We buy soymilk and whole milk. I used to buy skim, but then gave that up after a while of having to buy the fattier milk for our kids.

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