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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Lots Done

I have this weird illusion that our family vacation/reunion at a cabin in southern Utah will be uber-productive for me. I keep wanting to pack odd things like my binder full of recipes and my sewing machine and a stack of books taller than me. I'm not going to... Jed already has issues with how much stuff we're driving halfway across the country. But I think things like, "I'll sew a tote bag while were there with my new pattern." In reality, we'll play games, hike, and mostly sit around being lazy while we chat. There's also a good possibility that we'll be doing this stinky, since, according to the last report my sister heard, there's still no running water at the new cabin... something to do with the septic tank. Also, I've been informed that the electricity is solar-powered with a back-up generator and our electrical use will be limited. Hmm... no one told me all of this before we agreed to the trip.


wendys said...

I hope you get your water in the cabin working! I like to take projects with me when I go places too. They usually don't leave my bag.

Heather Payne said...

So much for the sewing machine. Do you have a hand crank on it to power it up? Sadly, this still sounds like an awesome vacation to me! I'm so jealous. Have a blast - even if you are stinky. At least no one will be able to SEE the dirt in the dark.

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