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Friday, June 05, 2009

Air Conditioning

Growing up, we didn't have air conditioning. We lived in a very pleasant part of southern California where it was only hot for a couple of weeks. It was even, at one point of my childhood, voted 7th best American climate, or something of that sort. Towards the end of high school, or maybe even later, my parents got air conditioning.

Living in Kansas means you have to have A/C. Last summer, and the summer before we spent good chunks of time without the A/C working because there was a leak somewhere in the system that no repairman could find or properly fix. Plus we spent a good amount of time wondering if maybe we were just crazy and it was working and we were being too wimpy about the heat. We'd walk into the bathroom (the room with the lowest vent) and put our hand next to the vent and say "it feels sort of cold, but not really cold. I don't know." Finally, towards the end of last summer they got it working completely and it's still going strong. Cross my fingers.

Now the A/C in our car has died. Our car was in the shop for two days a week ago and another day this week (once they finally figured out what was wrong, it had to go back in to get fixed). On our way home from St. Louis Memorial Day weekend, the car was acting up (enough so that when we took it back to the mechanic they could register the problem and repair it) and I was crossing my fingers that the A/C was connected to that and would magically work again. But now the car is fixed and the fan is just blowing warm air at me. Argh.

Eventually we'll have to take it in. But I hate taking the car in. Hate spending money on it. Hate being without a car while it's being repaired. And I don't really want to draw attention to it since Jed wants to be a no car family. His big dream was to move to a city big enough that we could sell the car and rely on a Metro or something. Not my dream. Please air conditioner, start working.


Michaela Stephens said...

I'm in the same boat you are with car AC. But we're in Phoenix, AZ, where the temp can get up to 120 in the summer.. Fortunately my husband has experience working on car ACs. He's going to try to borrow tools from a coworker and we will have a work party this weekend.

Hope you can get your AC fixed!

wendys said...

I just had my car a/c fixed too. They had to replace the cabin air filter which was clogged. I'm glad it's working again!

Mormon Scientist said...

Recharging your car's AC isn't that hard. You can buy a little kit from Hell-Mart to do it. There is an aerosol can full of refrigerant that you spray in like you would to refill one of those butane lighters.

If I were you, I would let my husband know how manly and sexy it would be if he fixed it himself. Say you like the look of a guy with his hands greasy bent over his honey's automobile. That's what my wife does to me when the brake pads need to be changed... works every time.

Cristin said...

My parents actually bought me a brand new car with no A/C when I came home from my mission. Yes, such a car exists. When I complained they told me I was wimpy. When I got married I sold the car back to them (long story) and the first thing they did was install air conditioning.

Anonymous said...

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