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Friday, May 08, 2009

Showing Niceness to Big Families

After writing about the weird look I got when I was buying Preggie Pops with three kids already in tow, I felt bad because I haven't documented all the nice reactions I've gotten from people when I have all my "helpers" with me.

Usually the nice comments I get are from older people, grandmas and grandpas who say stuff like:

What I nice bunch you have there!
You sure have a lot of great helpers!

For the most part, I don't get negative comments or looks, which is nice. But, included in this should be the fact that I do most of my errands during the short period of the day when Princess Sparkley is at regular school and I only have two helpers, because, let me tell you, those two oldest helpers, when they are together at the store... they aren't very helpful.

I also haven't gotten many people telling me that if I have three I have to have four, which my sister got all the time before she had her fourth (and then fifth).


wendys said...

A lot of people say you can't have an odd number of kids. That doesn't make much sense to me!

Terresa said...

Be strong, there will be nay-sayers in life wherever we travel, no? I never tried those preggy pops, I should've though -- I was terribly nauseaus (sp?) for a few month w/my 4th pregnancy.

PS -- Love your blog! Found it via Mormon Mommy blogs.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

When I take your kids to the store, I make one push the cart and one push the baby, and then I get to do nothing at all. It's not me being lazy; it's all four of us participating in a team-building exercise.

Michelle said...

I have a friend that has 6 little girls. She always gets "wow, you have your hands full". She always replies with "better than having them empty!". I have stolen that line from her now, and it works great. People dont know how to reply after that.

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