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Saturday, May 30, 2009


School is out. Mostly. We still have 4 phonics lessons and another unit and a half of math for Princess Sparkley's homeschooling year to be done... but otherwise, she and Jed are done with school. Now we readjust our lives.

Jed is home earlier, so we eat dinner at a normal time again. I have all three kids all day, so there are no quick trips to the store with just the two boys while PS is at regular school for art, PE, music, etc. And it's a Saturday today, and Jed isn't busy worrying about everything he needs to do... well, there's still lots to do, it's just different.*

I'm at home, trying to make brownies for a church activity tonight, and my two entertainers are with Daddy, so Baby X is watching Elmo. I'm not sure he likes it. He's only seen it a couple of times before. But then he fell in love with Signing Time, unfortunately I returned all our our Signing Time dvds to the library and forgot to replace them. We'll see if these brownies get made.

*For instance, we're moving in two months. We keep talking about what we should start doing, (go through stuff in our storage unit and get rid of what we're going to throw out, pack up books, toys, other non-essentials, etc.) but we're not actually doing any of that. Jed took the two big kids with him to buy a cool print of the University of Kansas since we sort of collect pictures and frame them on our walls of the places we've lived. I also need to hunt down a cool picture of wheat fields and a barn or something that is Kansas.

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wendys said...

For my hubby's graduation I framed old-timey photos of the all the college campuses that he went to (BYU, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Idaho State University). I like your idea of having something from every city you've lived in.

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