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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love Baby Animals

We make a point to visit zoos when we travel. Partly because it's something we know our kids will enjoy, but also because I enjoy zoos and I think Jed does as well. We've gone to the zoo in St. Louis (free!!) just about each time we've visited Jed's parents. We never shell out the extra money for train rides, but had promised our kids that someday we would. Since this is possibly our last fun trip to St. Louis we went to the zoo and shelled out money for the train ride (WAY overpriced) and the sting ray exhibit. The sting rays were pretty cool, but my favorite part is always the baby animals. Here are two of the babies we saw... a camel!!! and a giraffe (although I don't think this is a baby giraffe, more like a tween giraffe).

Thanks Jed for the mad camera skills.

I love giraffes.

Buddy assured me he would never touch a sting ray but he'd like to see them. He ended up touching a bunch.

Princess Sparkley went in braver but I had to really coax her into sticking her hand further than an inch into the water.

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