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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going Off Candy Diet

I know you are all dying for an update on how my candy consumption or candy ban is going. I took a long introspective look at myself and figured out I couldn't do this cold turkey. So I'm not buying candy almost ever, but if it's around, I'll still have some. And I have bought some candy, namely, I bought myself a Cadbury Boost since I had to mail one to Angela for her birthday and if I was going to go all the way downtown to the specialty Bristish store and buy a Boost for Angela, I was going to get one for me too. And I currently have a small stockpile of candy in order to make (don't peek, Jed, it's a surprise) these for Jed's graduation party next weekend. But I'm being really good about not eating them. Really, I am. Part of that is my mother-in-law gave us 2 boxes of Russell Stover's reject outlet chocolate over the weekend, and even though I hate most boxed chocolate (I just pick out the chocolate covered caramel ones) and I really don't like the taste of Russell Stover's chocolate, I've still eaten WAY TOO MANY. So I've cut them all in half to make sure I'm not wasting any caramel ones, and I'm throwing the rest away. Good riddance.


Cristin said...

So, let's say I sent you some candy... then you would still eat it right? Is this a plea for your blog readers to send you candy so that you have it laying around the house?

Angela said...

I've been consuming tons of candy via YOU! Thanks for the Boosts "charged with glucose" they are delicious as usual and make me miss London like crazy, and also the Fave Reds. That was such a fun surpreeeese!

Nance said...

Yes, Cristin... if you mail me candy, I'll have to eat it. :) Well, only if you mail me good stuff. If you mail me smarties I'm just giving them to my kids. But seriously, not letting myself buy candy is a HUGE help. Otherwise I was buying a giant bag or 2 of PB M&Ms on every grocery trip.

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