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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As much as I love making desserts, we aren't one of those families that has dessert after dinner every night. There was a period where we were using ice cream as bribery for something and we were eating ice cream most nights. But we don't clear the dinner table and pass out brownies or cookies. Yet my kids have gotten it into their minds that we should eat dessert every night. It's not just wishful thinking. They are fairly certain that it is something we do, like saying prayers before bedtime. They also think this about something they like to call "morning movies" and Buddy's favorite "night time snack." These things happen occasionally, but our kids see them as regular occurrences and are then distraught when they don't happen.

Since we're trying to be healthier in our eating, I'm also trying to cut back on my dessert making (boo hoo) and focus my baking/cooking interests on actual meal recipes. Last night I made homemade tortillas to have with our taco salad (me), tacos (Jed, Buddy and Princess Sparkley), or just tortillas (Baby X). For "dessert," we had tortillas rolled up with butter and cinnamon sugar. This was a childhood favorite snack of mine, and my kids love it too. They call it a Cinnamon Express.* And, I tricked them into thinking it was dessert somehow. Yea!

*Growing up, Jed's uncle or cousin or someone invented what is basically a peanut butter and honey sandwich, but rolled up in a tortilla. He named them Double X 105s. So our kids have those occassionally as Jed indulges in a childhood food and when we started feeding them the cinnamon sugar variety, it needed a name. Thus, Cinnamon Expresses were born.

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wendys said...

I love homemade tortillas. We went a few years without buying tortillas at all and just having home made, but I've been slacking off and buying them again.

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