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Monday, May 04, 2009

Currently Driving Me Crazy

For Buddy's Christmas present he got a Thomas the Tank Engine that is battery-powered and because my mother-in-law thinks ahead, he also got 2 rechargeable double A batteries and a charger. Over the next few months I bought more rechargeable batteries figuring it would save us money on things like the kids flashlights, Leapster, etc. And as I put the batteries in their electronic homes, I remember thinking that I should write down where I was putting them so I wouldn't lose track of them. I didn't. I guess I figured I was putting them in those electronic devices where I'd constantly be replacing them. Now I'm going crazy trying to figure out where they are. I can account for 7 or the 10 rechargeable batteries that we own. Those other three are haunting me. I realize I am a bit crazy. But seriously, it's driving me crazy.

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Mormon Scientist said...

Rechargeable batteries aren't cheap either. I have six that I bought figuring I would rotate them through my digital camera. The thing is that when I take the old ones out they always get confused with the spare charged ones. Now I have no idea which is which, or where the charger for them is... I say this technology can be a blessing but also a boon for pharmaceutical companies selling anti-anxiety meds.

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