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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Car Sick

We have 3 big trips this summer:

Kansas to Utah (17 hours)
Utah to Kansas (17 hours)
Kansas to Virginia (18 hours)

And Princess Sparkley gets car sick. Not every time we are in the car. Just on our last huge trip when we drove to Virginia for Spring Break a couple of years ago and the hills and curves of western Virginia did her tummy in. We're not looking forward to a repeat and Colorado and Utah and hilly, mountainy and curvy.

I've been reading up on treatment for motion sickness and here's what I've found:

  1. Make her keep her eye on the straight line of the road. (This was my parents' cure.)
  2. Don't read.
  3. A spray bottle filled with water and a dash of peppermint extract sprayed in the car occasionally.
  4. Eating crystalized ginger or dried ginger tablets.*
  5. Bonine for kids (sort of like Dramamine, but w/o the drowsiness).
  6. Eating protein, not carbohydrates. So snacking on nuts.
  7. Wearing those Sea-Bands wristbands.
  8. Queasy Pops, the motion sickness, kid version of Preggie Pops that help pregnant women control their nausea.

4-7 are from the May 2009 Family Fun magazine.

Have any of these worked for you, or do you have better remedies???


Erin said...

My brother swears by the candied ginger, which I believe is on sale at the Merc in the bulk section. Is is very cheap (like you could get more than enough for about 40 cents). But I think it tastes bad. I'm not sure a kid would like it. I sent my sister some preggie pops and she said they helped with her morning sickness. I have peppermint oil, would like to make a spray bottle without spending ten bucks on peppermint oil.

wendys said...

My kids don't get car sick, so I don't have any helpful hints, sorry! Have fun on your trips though.

Michelle said...

My oldest gets carsick too. We swear by the Dramamine approach. Just the generic brand, but it DOES knock him out. Doesnt bother him, or us.
With my bad morning sickness with the triplets, I took ginger caplets. I dont know if she can swallow pills yet though.. That helped me. Id Like to try that peppermint oil thing actually, sounds interesting.

Myk said...

Tell Ella I feel her pain. I also get car sick. Lots of cool air, sticking my hand out the window and drowsy Dramamine (because who wants to be awake for a long road trip?)

Angela said...

As you know I get very carsick, very easily. I agree with your parents, eyes to the front and don't read. Although I found I can read if I can hunch down really far so the landscape isn't in my periphrial (sp) vision, and its not a really windy road. If she is anything like me, she will get super grouchy after waking up from a dramamine stupor, so be aware its a possibility.

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