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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When Jed and I were first married we assigned family jobs to each other. Somehow I ended up being our family treasurer* which is slightly humorous to me since I haven't had a math class since high school... on purpose.

Jed gets slightly annoyed when I get overdraft charges on our checking account or the occasional late payment on a credit card. Mostly he is very sweet and understanding since I break down in hysterics every time this happens. And these aren't every day occurrences, these are once or twice a year occurrences. Mostly these things are due to me never recording our receipts in our checkbook, and then taking even longer to balance the checkbook. But hey, I'm a busy lady. I have three kids. I homeschool our daughter. I'm Primary President. I have a hat full of excuses.

I balanced our checkbook tonight. This is the longest it has ever been. I actually recorded a bunch of receipts a couple months ago and never got around to balancing it. Then when my wallet was about to burst with receipts I recorded more, and still never balanced it. We had a tax return in there, etc. I wasn't worried about the amount of money in our checking account. But the little internal balance I have in my head started ticking that we should soon be running out of tax return money** and I should actually balance our checkbook.

So I sat down tonight with 10 notebook pages filled with receipt entries dating back to January 3, 2009. Over 4 months ago!!! And I opened up our bank account online and started matching stuff up.

The problem?? When I ended, I thought we had $300+ more than the bank thought we had. That's not good. Then I remembered that there was a check number that I'd failed to record and I needed to check how much it was for... almost $300. I'm getting closer to balanced. Then I realize that the $100+ I just made on ebay hasn't transferred into the account yet even though I've written it down. Even closer. While doing this I notice another skipped check and it's for about $200 (what's with me forgetting to write down the big checks??).

So my being off by $330.98 is now being off by $65.52***. Not bad. But still, what did I spend that $65.52 on that I didn't keep the receipt or write it down. Or, could it be my miscalculations as I punched in 10 pages of transactions on the computer's calculator while rocking out to my Napster songs. I think I'll blame it on the little receipts here and there that Jed forgets to give to me (like the one he handed me the other day from early 2008... maybe I should have hung on to that).

*To help me be our family treasurer, or perhaps, Family Treasurer, Jed bought me Microsoft Money a couple of years back. Except I never record anything in there, and I only upload our bank information with more than 90 day intervals in between uploads, so our Money account currently has huge holes in it's record and thinks that we have negative seven and a half thousand dollars. That's not good, and I don't like seeing all those red numbers, so I avoid it again for another 90+ days and the vicious cycle continues.

**Don't worry, we didn't just put it in our checking account and spend it without knowing it. A lot got transferred into savings, spent on big things, or used to pay of debt and school expenses.

***Now I'm actually going to have to pull out all of our paper bank statements and cross reference them with my notebook pages. Which would have been smarter than using the computer version that I can't mark up, but the bank statements are all filed away in a filing cabinet in Baby X's room and it's after midnight.

NOTE: Jed read this and was worried that I had all sorts of overdraft charges... you can be rest assured that our balance is still in the positive and there were no overdraft charges for the 4 months I balanced.


Rae said...

From one busy lady to the other...Great post! I'm the one who has to reconcile all of our accounts and make sure the bills are paid. For some reason I cannot remember to pay the Target card each month. I have had so many late payments with that stupid credit card! And it's not like I'm not in the store often enough!! I finally decided to just cancel the stupid thing. Ugh!!

Leslie said...

I'm the treasurer too - I hate it! It's always a mystery trying to figure out where everything went. Thank goodness for calculators or it would NEVER get done!

julie said...

You sound like me! I haven't balanced our checkbook since before Christmas. And I've got so many bills on autopay, that the one or two that aren't sometimes are late because I'm out of the habit of paying bills the old-fashioned way.

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