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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I think I've mentioned before that we aren't tech savvy people, Jed and I. Well... I think what I've said is that electronics hate us. We do okay for the most part. We don't own an iPod. Or a camera phone. A flat panel TV or a Wii (yet).

We're moving in 100 days (give or take). I've already started selling a lot of our stuff on ebay and Craigslist to the point that when I threaten to sell my kids stuff if they don't clean it up, they believe me and get a look of fear in their eyes. Now I'm digging through boxes and closets asking myself these questions: How can we downsize this? What can we sell? What can we give away? What can we throw away?

Here's where I need your help... is there an inexpensive way to convert cassette tapes to cd?? We just gave all of our old VHS tapes to Good Will and made note of the ones we'd like to own on dvd someday. But these aren't music tapes I want to keep, they are kid books on tape, or kid music from my childhood.

Also, while I have your attention... is there some way to play music from a USB mp3 player (we have one of those, just not an iPod) in a car stereo. I found a way online to do it with a cassette tape player, but our car only has a cd player.

Thanks for your help. I realize this is a shout out for help that may not arrive since, no offense, I don't think most of my readers are very tech savvy either. But maybe you'll surprise me. I'll cross my fingers.


Clark Family said...

Sorry, not that tech savvy! Haha. I would like to be, but James is that for all of us around here, and that is only because he takes time to read all the manuals and such. I'm so lazy. Haha. Good luck!

Andrea said...

I'm not tech savvy, either. I used to do okay with electronics, but that all changed after I had a kid.

wendys said...

I know someone in the music production business who knows about converting tapes to cds and such. I will find out if he's still doing it.

Angela said...

I bought this cool thing at Best Buy that plugs into your car converter and your mp3 player. It locates a blank radio station and transmits your music over the radio. It works really good in kind of rural place, but not so good in big cities like Phoenix. It still works ok in cities, but its better out in the country.

Kristi said...

Andrea found someone on ebay to convert her tapes. She was happy with the service. You could ask her about it.

Erik said...

As far as MP3 in your car, you really only have two quality options. Option 1, your stereo in your car is already new and modern and has an "Aux" port in the back. If it has this, then a simple RCA to 1/8 audio jack cable can be bought online and you simply plug the 1/8 audio cable into the headphone port on your MP3 player. If the stereo doesn't have an aux port, then you can actually upgrade your car stereo for less then $100 if you watch the sales and actually buy a stereo head unit that has a USB port on its face. They are pretty common, and if you can't find one I can point you to a couple of models online. Email me directly if you have any specific questions.
P.S. the units that convert use a radio frequency and small transmitter to connect to your car radio all suck, and really suffer in sound quality and battery life. FYI

Nance said...

Thanks! I forgot that some of my blog readers are electronics geniuses (that's what we electronically challenged people think of people like you).

Malissa said...

Good luck with the sorting, consolidating, re-thinking, packing, etc. I truly feel your pain. In the end, it's liberating to have the essentials and a few extras that you want and use!

Mormon Scientist said...

For the conversion of audio tapes to CD:

You can buy a cable that has a male headphones jack on both sides. Use this cable to connect a cassette tape player to your computer through the headphones jack of the player and the mic port on your computer.

There are a number of free programs online to do simple audio recording on your computer... check it out at CNET's www.download.com.

Then, all you need to do is hit record on your computer, then play on the tape deck and go crazy! I archived several old sentimental tapes to my computer this way.

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