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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Baby X on Easter begging for cookies.

Now that Baby X is eating basically what we eat, I'm beginning to wonder if his heart condition is something that means all of our diets should be more healthy. This has become a problem since over Easter he was introduced to cookies. Now he's developed the family's sweet tooth. He is currently crying at my leg because he spotted a box of brownie mix on the counter. His sister handed it to him and he has brought it over to me, begging me to open it. How does he even know that brownie mix means YUMMY. I mean, there's a picture, but I'm pretty sure we've never let him eat a brownie. He's apparently just discovered what yummy stuff looks like and he wants it.


wendys said...

Kids are so funny. Next time let him eat the powdered brownie mix and make a huge mess all over. Just kidding.

Erin said...

that is a really funny picture. I am glad you were able to post it!

Cristin said...

That is funny. I was thinking that today too. How do they know it is yummy if they have never tried it? Charlie was watching me unwrap and eat a Hershey's Kiss today. The look on his face made me feel really bad for not giving him any.

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