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Thursday, April 09, 2009


image from Target.com

So, I just sold my stroller on Craiglist. The one I use. I figured when I listed everything I should list it as well so that it had longer to sell if it needed it. The woman who wanted it wanted it ASAP. So, she picked it up this afternoon (along with the infant car seat that clips into it... at least we weren't still using the car seat too). As soon as I realized it was going to sell I went to Target.com and made up my mind. I've ordered the Evenflo X Sport Plus Umbrella Stroller and used my AAA discount. Hopefully it arrives soon and hopefully I love it.


Clark Family said...

Awesome looks like a good one. I saw you famous kids on craigslist. haha. I look on there almost daily!

wendys said...

I looks a lot like the Jeep stroller. I bet it will work great for you.

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