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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Piece of Pie

There are some things I shouldn't be allowed to do because my brain can't think hard enough to wrap itself around whatever it is I'm trying to figure out. One is photocopying booklets back to back and making sure they are all right side up, etc. The other is sewing stuff together... I'm always having to remove the stitches from an entire side of a blanket or something because I've sewn the wrong sides of fabric together. Making my apron about gave me an aneurysm. And I once tried to sew a Superman cape for someone and I made the Superman symbol backwards THREE TIMES!!! before I figured out where I was going wrong. Ahh. Most of my sewing mishaps take place late at night when my brain isn't functioning at full capacity, but I can't use that excuse for everything.

I made this Lemonade Cheesecake Pie the other day and commented that the next time I made it I'd use less lemonade concentrate. I'm making it right now for my husband to take to a men's event at church tonight. And I remembered to use less concentrate but it's still super lemony. So I read the recipe again. It calls for 1/2 cup frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed. Hmm... I believe I used half a can, rather than 1/2 a cup. Which is probably about 6 oz. vs. 4 oz. And perhaps last time I read the recipe correctly and even 4 oz. was too much, in that case, 6 oz. was WAY too much. Oh well, I hope these guys tonight enjoy super lemony sweet Cheesecake Pie. Maybe I'll add an extra layer of Cool Whip on top.

I believe I need to read this book, The Mommy Brain by Katherine Ellison to convince myself that my brain hasn't left my body.


Erin said...

Nathan said it was really good and tart!

Kristi said...

I was hoping Erik had tried it. Nope. He went with a peach pie. It looks delicious!

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