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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Family and Baseball

Our most recent family picture.
April 25, 2009
Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, MO

For Buddy's birthday we took our family and two of his little friends to Fritz's Railway Restaurant in Kansas City (we opted for the one in Kansas City, KS because it tends to be less crowded than the one in downtown KC, MO). Not to mention that the two little boys we took are the only boys in their families and we didn't want anything to happen to them so we weren't taking them into Missouri. :) It was enough to take them 45 minutes away.

Anyway, the morning of the party Jed started complaining that having to take these other kids was cramping his style... if it was just our family we'd go to Nebraska Furniture Mart, Sam's Club and a baseball game that night. I was pretty sure that these two little boys' parents didn't want us keep their boys from 11 AM until a baseball game ended and we were back home at 10PM.

Jed became determined that we should go to the game so just before we were supposed to pick up the boys for the party, he drove up to our local grocery store and bought tickets for the Royals game that night. So we went to lunch in KC, KS, drove home, hung out for a few hours, and drove to KC, MO for a baseball game.

Have I mentioned that in our family, baseball is a favorite thing? I got it from my dad. I don't know where Jed got it from, but we've instilled it in our kids. Especially Buddy. When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Princess Sparkley, Jed convinced me to drive to San Diego and back with him for a Pirates (his team of choice) game (all in one day, about 3 hours each way).

We have pictures of us at all the ballparks we've been to. Unfortunately they are cataloged into one file on our old computer and I'm too lazy to try to hunt them all down when they are cataloged by year and month like they are on this computer. Not to mention the fact that pregO Nance at the San Diego vs. Pittsburgh game was pre- digital camera. Jed does have them all cataloged on his Facebook page, so if you happen to be his Facebook friend, you can check them out there.

1 comment:

Adam said...

I told Adam that you were taking buddy to a restaurant where trains delivered food for his birthday and now he wants to do that for his birthday. I wish I liked baseball more. It seems like a fun hobby, but I just can't pay attention that long. The best part of baseball games is the hot dogs, and the fact that you can leave your peanut shells on the ground. Its awesome!

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