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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Ladies

Smart about the First Ladies: Smart about History by Sally Warner
find it here

Several weeks ago when we'd decided we were moving to northern Virginia (Washington DC metro) I went to the US history section of our local library and picked up some books on Virginia, books that talked about each of the states, and books about Washington DC. One of the books I found was about the First Ladies, I thought Princess Sparkley would appreciate that so we checked it out. PS loves it! She's been spouting random facts about the first ladies to us for weeks. The other day she was trying to think of people we know who have the same initials as first ladies (ie: Martha Washington and Mykle Whiting (her old Primary teacher). I think I'll buy it for her for her birthday in August. It's only $5.99 at Amazon.com!!! And it's apparently part of a series... hold me back so I don't buy them all.


Myk said...

Brandon told me that at church, how funny. Tell her that I never realized I shared Martha's initials and I am glad she pointed it out.

wendys said...

cool book!

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