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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Ideas

My mom was a kindergarten and first grade teacher, so we always had a lot of fun crafts to do for the holidays. This was always one of my favorite Easter bunny things... or something similar to this.

Easter Bunny Paper Helicopter

This Egg Shell Mosaic is more of an after Easter craft when you are busy eating all of your hardboiled eggs.

Our library storytime did this awhile back with water bottle lids, but I like this colorful plastic egg snake even better.

Since we're trying to learn origami over here, this origami rabbit might be fun.

Scroll down a bit on this page to make a paper plate bunny candy dish... my kids made one at music class last week and they turned out great.

And how cute are these bunny envelopes from Martha Stewart?

I was trying to find something reminiscent of these tiny little pink bunny baskets we'd fold and glue together then fill with some Easter grass and some jelly beans when I was a kid. I found this, which isn't really the basket from my childhood, but is cute all on its own.

The Crafty Crow always has so many fun craft ideas for each holiday, I especially loved these bunnies to stick in cupcakes.

My mom sent me me this link for folding your dinner napkins into bunnies.

And if you still need craft ideas for your plastic Easter eggs that have taken over the house, check out this site.

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