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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8th Anniversary and 5th Birthday rolled into one


Eight years ago today, Jed and I were married. Happy Anniversary! (Insert mushy gushy stuff here and kissy noises here.)

And five years ago today, Buddy was born. Happy Birthday! We were lucky enough to convince Buddy to let us take him to his favorite restaurant on Saturday since having a train deliver your food is fun and all, but not quite the romantic location you might imagine for anniversary celebrations.


*FIXED-- I've now (obviously) added pictures to this post.
My internet has been horrifically slow the past few days, hence the lack of blog posts and pictures... it's taking forever to upload one picture, and it's not even going to work. But, rest assured there are more pictures, including a new family picture from our trip to a KC Royals baseball game over the weekend, AND, I discovered that I do have a picture of my family's old A-frame cabin on my computer, so I'll post that soon. Oh, and of course pictures of Buddy's birthday celebrations (and train of cupcakes). Until then... sorry.

Sorry for the extreme lack of more than three wedding pictures. I have more, they just aren't on my computer. So I just cycle through the three that are on my computer over and over again.

***This is Buddy in my mind, forever a two year old.


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I was reading along and I got to the part that says, "We were lucky enough to conceive Buddy..." and I thought, "Whoa! And you think I overshare!" But maybe it was just wishful reading. Speaking of which, what are we doing for our anniversary tonight?

Erin said...

Did you make those cute cupcakes? They are too cute to be delivered on a train. What a fun anniversary! :)

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