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Friday, April 17, 2009

6 1/2

Princess Sparkley is 6 1/2. She'll be 7 in August. Is there something about this age, or maybe girls that makes them so aware of fairness? And so ornery. She's mad at me today because it seems like Buddy's gotten more new clothes lately than she has. Seriously... she's mad about clothes. When she conveniently forgets everything we do buy for her. Argh.

Part of it is probably because we went to JCPenney's today and had Buddy's 5 year old picture taken. This is always a sore subject with her (never him when it's her turn) because she's not getting her picture taken. EVEN though she knows that in 4 months it'll be her birthday and she'll be getting her picture taken.

Nothing is ever fair. She's currently downstairs being alone because since we got home from the mall about an hour ago she's done the following:

  • stomped into her room mad about something, waking up the desperate for a nap Baby X

  • slammed her door while Baby X is still trying to fall asleep

  • got into a fight with Buddy over the mini blinds in their room almost breaking them

  • came into my room and repeatedly demanded stuff:
- can we play outside
(No, I've told you three times they just sprayed poison out there for weeds.)
- I need to use the computer.
(I'm using it right now.)
- I'm bored, there's nothing to do. --repeated over and over again on 3 different visits.
(We haven't been home all day...I think you can find something to do.)
-The only thing I can do is play with the camera.
(I already told you its batteries are charging right now.)

She just handed me this note:

In case you don't read kidspeak:
Ticket. You pay us $2.
You are being mean. That's illegal.

And Jed thinks the kids only hate him. I am not looking forward to her teenage years.

*While I'm typing this up, I've decided to be nice and let them get their own snack... even strawberry milk. Which resulted in Buddy starting the pour the strawberry syrup into PS's cup, her freaking out that he's doing her cup and knocking the strawberry bottle from his hand, resulting in strawberry syrup all over the table and my newly upholstered chair and the carpet. Buddy is in tears trying to scrub it up. Princess Sparkley is scubbing as well but listing off an assortment of excuses as to why it's Buddy's fault. He's crying and stomping his foot (which she's apparently taught him, being the foot stomping expert that she is). I need a nap.


Angela said...

Holy Hilarious! I cannot stop laughing! I showed Adam and he can't stop laughing either. That ticket or tikit is SO funny! I wish I had some good parenting advice, but alas no children...

julie said...

I love kidspeak! There's nothing funnier, and those tickets are HI-larious! And I have three little girls, the first of which will be six in less than two years. Heaven help me!

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