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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Women CAN Pee While Standing Up

You may remember this blog post of me complaining about how much I hate having to pee into a cup at the doctor's office. It's just awkward and messy and annoying. This product *was reviewed in the student newspaper here today and Jed was nice enough to send me the link. Pretty cool and also pretty weird.

*There's also apparently another product I found at Amazon.com while trying to find an image of the Urimate to post.


Angela said...

great for camping!

Cristin said...

The uri-mate looks like a paper airplane!

sustos said...

Thats an amazing product, but that one is a little unconfortable is like using a paper cup. I try other brand that was better because it really adapt to your body, Be Free www.befreecone.com

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