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Friday, March 13, 2009

To do

To do:
in no particular order

Clean house.

Do laundry.

Fold laundry.

Put laundry away.

Pack for quick Spring Break trip.

Don't forget to pack food for Baby X.

Don't forget PS's phonics workbooks so we don't fall even further behind in phonics.

And we should probably bring some math workbooks.

Threaten the kids that if they don't clean their room, I'll give away all the toys not put away.

Someday, follow through with this threat.

Sleep. Because Baby X was a nightmare last night.

Finish reading Evil Genius so I can judge if it's appropriate to give my 12 year old nephew for his birthday in a couple weeks.

Figure out what book to get two year old nephew for his birthday at the end of the month.

Write, because I only have like 6 1/2 weeks or so to finish my novella lengthed thing.

Read a manuscript for a friend.

Take out trash.

Pick Jed up from work.

Cook dinner.

Pay energy bill at grocery store.

Pay a couple of credit card bills online before Monday.

Load car.

Yell at the kids for several hours after bedtime because they are still awake.

Bake banana bread since my bananas are already brown and aren't going to wait for me to get back from Spring Break.

What I have accomplished:

PS's homeschooling for today (mostly).


Designed, printed, copied, cut and placed in closet at church the reminders for an upcoming kid activity.

Wasted time at all sorts of craft stores looking for stickers to fix the bad copy job that made the cute bunny slippers on the top of my reminder handout look like blobs once I copied them.

Unload dishwasher. Load the dishes from last night's dinner that didn't fit into the dishwasher last night.


Checked mail.

Attended music class at church.

Reminded Jed to bring his paycheck home that he's forgotten at work for a week now.

Picked Buddy up from a playdate.


Erin said...

How did that Cafe Rio salad turn out? It does dirty a lot of dishes. Her recipe for the pork is way more complicated than what I do. You can freeze the bananas for later banana bread, but it sure makes a good snack for traveling> You could have delegated the sticker search to me, or just not worried about it! Have a great trip.

Rachel Clare said...

To Do Thing #68: hire a maid.

Angela said...

Holy cow! I am sleepy from reading your list...

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