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Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Treat

My mom taught kindergarten and first grade for several years. Every year she had the kids in her class make leprechaun traps and the night before St. Patrick's Day we'd sneak over to the school and ransack her classroom, knocking chairs over, spilling crayons and pencils, making a mess of everything. We'd also sprinkle St. Patrick's Day glitter everywhere and leave gold chocolate coins in the traps. Before we left, I'd leave leprechaun footprints all over.

Here's how you do it: (with the help of my assistant Princess Sparkley Snow White)

1. Make a fist.
2. Dip the pinky side of your fist in green paint (or use a paint brush to paint it).
3. Press it on paper (a window, tile floor, etc. if it's water soluble paint).
4. Dip a finger in the paint and add toes.

There you have your mischievous leprechaun footprint.

image from kraftfoods.com

Then we'd leave a note from the leprechaun in charge (Usually Patrick, Ian or Shawn) about a magic treat we left for the kids in the class. We'd take the Pistachio Jell-O pouches out of the box so it was just a plain white pouch and we'd leave instructions for adding however much milk was needed in the recipe. The next day my mom would pour the Jell-O powder (which is white) into a large bowl, and when the milk was added, it turned green... MAGIC!

1 comment:

LisAway said...

How fun! I've made those footprints, but never for leprechaun prints. That is such a cute idea. And the magic powder is a GREAT idea. What a fun teacher your mom was (and what a fun mom you are now!)

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