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Monday, March 09, 2009


Grad School acceptance letters are starting to trickle in and with each new letter we start making plans for our new life in a new city. The latest was from Temple University in Philadelphia (a city whose name I will need to learn to spell properly if we do end up living there). I pulled up a map of the city on Mapquest and Princess Sparkley and Buddy were looking at it with me. I showed them how close it is to our cousins in Richmond, VA (compared to how far away they are now), how close it is to Washington DC, Boston and New York City. Then Princess Sparkley informed me that she'd like to move to Philadelphia because we can go shopping at fancy stores in New York, specifically, she said, for clothes. I asked her how she knew about fancy clothes stores in New York (she is only 6) and she said because of the show What Not to Wear (which Jed and I love and watch every chance we get when we visit his parents and their cable tv. We discovered on one of our last visits that PS also loves the show and wants to create a kid version). She also knows about New York City and its fancy shops because of the second dvd on our Cinderella dvd set when a girl redecorates her room like a Princess's and also gets a Princess makeover with clothes from NYC.

Buddy inquired after the trains and if there was a subway.

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wendys said...

That's great you are reciving lots of acceptance letters. None to Idaho though! It's funny the things kids think are important when considering a move. Ian doesn't want to move anywhere with porcupines.

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