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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Picky Eaters

I don't think of my kids as especially picky eaters. There are a lot of foods that they will eat. But as I'm trying to plan a healthy menu and grocery list, I'm running into some yummy looking recipes that I know my kids won't touch. And I don't want to make two meals a night, one for the kids, and one for Jed and I. This is the conversation I just had with Princess Sparkley.

Me: You guys are going to have to start liking salad because I think we should start eating a lot more salad.

PS: Why?

Me: It's good for us. And it's yummy.

PS: But salad always has carrots in it.

Me: What if I didn't put carrots in it?

PS: I guess I would eat a taco salad if you didn't put all the stuff you put on your salad, like tomatoes and stuff.

Me: (shocked) So you'd eat the lettuce with all the taco meat and beans and cheese.

PS: (with a horrified look) Not the lettuce, just the other stuff. The stuff I like in my tacos [meat, cheese, beans].

Me: So still not a salad.

PS: No.

We've tried over the year to get PS to eat a salad. She gagged horribly on the tiniest piece of lettuce that could still be considered lettuce. She has to eat the littlest carrot in the bag when we have carrots with lunch or dinner and she gags trying to chew it down. I once paid her 50 cents to eat a raspberry (which she claimed to love but hasn't had once since). But she's not picky about casseroles (Buddy is) unless there are green things (peas, celery, green onions). Buddy will eat all veggies (except lettuce) and all fruits. PS is okay with most veggies, but none raw, and definitely not carrots or lettuce. She won't eat fruit except raisins, dried cranberries, banana chips and the occasional banana slices or peeled apple. If I could combine them into on kid, they'd probably make one normal eater.


Erin said...

The similarities in are children continue...I always say if I could combine Lydia and Ethan it would be great-she is good at eating most dinners and Ethan is good at eating lunch. Lydia will not eat most fruit unless it is sour, like craisins, grapefruit, kiwi, but Ethan will eat any fruit. And he did actually eat some lettuce last night!

LisAway said...

I think "normal eater" is the wrong term. You should probably say "perfect eater." Keep in mind: those don't exist.

What a hilarious dialogue.

Nance said...

Lisa- Yes, I guess I didn't mean "normal." :)

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