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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lemonade Cheesecake Pie

Strawberries were on sale at the grocery store last week. I love strawberries... LOVE THEM. Like I could eat them all day - LOVE THEM. And I remembered spotting this recipe in my Kraft Foods Food and Family cooking magazine when it came a week ago. And I knew all the ingredients from memory!!

This pie is easy. Summery. Delicious. Has only 6 ingredients (Cool Whip, cream cheese, frozen lemonade, sugar, strawberries and a graham cracker crust). Healthyish (I used 1/3 the fat cream cheese and Cool Whip Lite). And if I do say myself, even mine turned out looking beautiful.

*Both of these pictures are mine, but it didn't look this beautiful after cutting into it. We didn't have the 4 hours of time in which to refrigerate it until it set, so ours was a creamy pile on our plates. It does need the full refrigeration time, and I might even stick it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before cutting to give it a nice, clean cut. And I almost forgot, it was almost too lemony... so I might use a little less lemonade concentrate next time I make it.


LisAway said...

There's no question that the pictures are yours; we can see the chair!! :)

This looks heavenly

Erin said...

That pie is gorgeous! I want to try that recipe. It sounds so good.

wendys said...

I want to eat my comuter screen it looks so good!

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