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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Healthy Recipes

This title is misleading... I'm not going to share any healthy recipes with you. What I am going to do is complain about healthy recipes. We have been trying to eat healthy. I stopped buying candy (which is hard since I seriously seriously seriously have a candy addiction). We stopped drinking soda* (which we really didn't do a lot anyway). Today I checked the billions of email messages I have in my junk email account and I clicked on a Martha Stewart recipe and then browsed some recipes on her site. She has a guilt-free brownie recipe so I thought I'd check it out. It calls for prune juice. PRUNE JUICE. This is why I can't do healthy. Yuck.

*Except for the soda I have sitting on my counter waiting to be used in a crockpot pork recipe.


LisAway said...

O come on Nance! Don't be such a baby. It doesn't call for prune juice at all, just prune PUREE. I'm sure that's muuuuuuch better.

I actually think I'll give these a try. I'll have to use baby food prune puree since they don't have the baking kind here like they do over there. I'll let you know how much we love them.

wendys said...

I like to eat healthy... it's kind of my job to! But I'm with you, I avoid prune juices recipes. And I don't really like the deceptively delicious type recipes.

(p.s. I haven't been really good at commenting in the past few months because every time I opened your blog it crashed my browser for some reason! But I finally discovered I can open it using internet explorer and it doesn't freeze up my computer or crash the browser.)

Erin said...

Mimi has been eating lots of the baby food prune puree! She loves it, but I guess she doesn't have much to go on. I can't imagine giving up candy this time of year. Those cadbury's are like a siren call, I can't resist them....

Loralee and the gang... said...

That prune juice brownie recipe sounds like one I used to make years ago when I was on a diet...;)
It tasted good! Not at all like prune juice, and kept me regular. I seriously am going to make these again!

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