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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Eating Healthy

I've been trying to cook healthier foods lately. Mainly I've been making less casseroles and more meat with a side dish sort of recipes. More pork and chicken, less beef. I should also up our fish intake, but Jed and I aren't especially fond of fish and I'm a little wary of eating fish in Kansas... you know, being so far from an ocean and all. I'm also cutting back on my dessert baking (tears of sadness) and am eliminating candy from our home (as soon as the two bags of peanut butter M&Ms I already own are gone). And soda, but we don't really have soda anyway.

Here's my problem, when I hunt for healthy recipes all the recipes sound good until I read the ingredients: tofu, artichokes, turkey, alfalfa sprouts, etc. And if it is something I would eat (like I don't really have a problem with artichokes) there's no way my kids are touching any of this stuff.

Where do you find healthy recipes? Or do you just make your regular recipes healthier?


Michelle said...

Im like you. I dont like that wierd stuff in recipes to make it healthy. I just make healthier versions of things we normally eat, like trade pasta for whole wheat pasta, with sugar free sauce and less meat, broiled chicken, or grilled chicken with veggies..Chicken tacos instead of ground beef.etc. Nothing real exciting, but if I dig to deep and work real hard on making something real in depth, noone will eat it in my family!! Good luck to you..We are doing the same here too!

Myk said...

yeah, "healthy" recipes are gross. I just make ordinary things pasta, mexican, chicken, etc. But I use all 100% whole wheat products now (tortilla shells, bread, flour, spaghetti, lasagna...they make basically everything with whole wheat now). I also steam veggies, bake and not fry, use brown rice...reduce salt, and try to take out the High Fructose Corn Syrup products (this is really hard because it is seriously in everything).

Angela said...

Check out the weight watchers cook books, they are actually pretty good. I don't substitute things like light mayo for regular, I just use normal stuff. My problem with eating healthy is its expensive.

Rachel Clare said...

After scrolling through the last 2 weeks of your blog, I don't want to eat healthy any more. I want to only eat all the yummy stuffy you make.

My kids love: steel-cut oats with frozen mixed berries (cools it down and thaws the berries at the same time) with a little Agave nectar. I'm sure you could buy that at the HyVee close to you in the health section- it's what I use to sweet everything. It's fantastic. They also like wraps with turkey and cheese (and sometimes I slip in tomatoes) on Flat-Out Wraps. We make homemade pizzas occasionally- roll out the dough SUPER thin and bake one person's pizza at a time on the pizza stone- we use fresh mozzerella (really the only way to eat pizza) and I put on the veggies that they like- red bell pepper and basil most of the time. We do eat a lot of fish, and they like that. Sweet potato french fries- slice them thin like fries, coat w/ non-stick spray, cover in seasonings/seasoning salt and bake. I've tricked them into thinking they're really eating fries. Which they never ever get. It's great. I've got more ideas if you want them! :)

wendys said...

I put chopped frozen spinach in casseroles. I like the Cooking Light Magazine. And I try to avoid prepackaged foods because that's where you get the salt and corn syrup from.

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