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Monday, March 09, 2009

Dave Barry

While eating at Jimmy John's the other night we were seated at the table with a plaque that listed 16 things Dave Barry has learned in 50 years. They cracked me up. I was searching the internet for them tonight and the first search result was Snopes.com, which is never a good result if I'm looking for a true story. So it turns out that Dave's original list was 25 things, and was published in a book called Dave Barry turns 50 or something. But it got emailed around in those annoying forwards everyone is always sending and it's no longer truly Dave's. And I couldn't find what truly is his. So I'm linking you to this, which says there are 25. There aren't actually 25, but there are more than 16. And they are hilarious, whether Dave Barry wrote them all or not.

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