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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jed already beat me to posting about our quick little trip to Chicago here, including links to the yummy restaurants where we ate, etc.

Me, on St. Paddy's Day, in front of Lake Michigan.

Walking around with a camera is a good way to look like a tourist. Taking pictures like this
is definite proof that not only are you a tourist, but you're a tourist from a small town.

I like this shot.

Just before leaving out hotel to walk around downtown Chicago, Jed read in the little booklet/magazine in our room that they dyed the river green on March 14. This was bad news since Princess Sparkley made me promise we'd take a picture of the green river. Luckily, this bit of river still looked green.


Kristi said...

If you have to leave KS, then Chicago is my next choice for you. (really only for selfish reasons!) Wasn't the weather fantastic yesterday? I almost feel bad the weather was that nice for you guys. Chicago must be courting you because the weather is never that good. The river looks green a lot of the time. In the summer, there is so much algae that it always has a greenish hue. Hope you had a good time.

Josh and Harmoni said...

LOVE these pictures!! What a fun trip! :p) Looks like you guys are doing great!!

Anne Bradshaw said...

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This time, the prize is a copy of award-winning author Annette Lyon's latest release in her Temple series - Tower of Strength.

Hope you have time to hop on over and take a peek :-)

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