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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Up Late

It's 12:38 AM. Jed and I sat down a couple of hours ago and put on a movie (Oceans 11) while he dismantled the upholstery on one of our dining room chairs so we could figure out what we'd need to do if we were going to reupholster them. You see, we inherited this table and chairs from someone who inherited it from someone, then we loaned it out for a few years and then it's been ours for the last 3 1/2 years. The fabric on the chairs is hideous... has always been hideous. At first I was going to sew slip covers for them, but I could never really figure out how to go about doing it. Now one of the chairs has a hole in it and Jed has currently taken it apart. So we popped in a movie to watch while he pulled out what turned out to be a million staples and I shopped for fabric online. I've found and purchased the fabric along with scotch guard. He's gotten most of the staples out. But the staples took longer than Oceans 11, so we've moved on to Oceans 12. This is how we end up staying up so late all the time. Argh. And this was only one of eight chairs. Maybe we'll do a chair a weekend for two months and at some point we'll be done. I hope we can do this. Cross your fingers for me.


wendys said...

Wow, that's a huge project! You will have to post pictures of the finished product.

julie said...

I recovered some cheap black stools that we have. I felt very proud of myself because I'm not the crafty person at all. My project was a snap, and sounds a lot easier than yours, but that's probably because mine are built so cheap (they're from shopko). I also used a staple gun and an all to pry up the original staples. I'm interested in seeing pictures because our dining room table has chairs that I might want to recover in a few years.

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