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Monday, February 23, 2009

Reupholstering Chairs #3

Jed has now dissembled three of our dining room chairs for me, pulling out 12.3 billion staples in the process. I finally took my staple gun out of its package, filled it with staples and got to work over the weekend. Scariest was cutting into the fabric for the first time (well, and firing the first staple). I don't cut straight, luckily, for this project, I didn't need to cut straight, just a generalized 26x 26 square so that the fabric would stretch around the chair cushion and leave room for stapling on the chair's underbelly.

Here's my first "square" of fabric.

I stapled on opposite sides to begin with.

Then went along each side with a row of staples, leaving the corners for last. Then I gathered the corners and fired a bunch of staples together.

The lovely white sticks you see are Q-tips poking through the holes in the black cover fabric into the holes in the wood so they'd line up right.

Here it is all ready to be sprayed with Scotch Guard.

Jed Scotchguarding them for me.

The chairs waiting to be reunited with their cushions.

Jed, with help from Buddy, screwing the seat cushions back into the chair. This may have been the most difficult step (aside from the removal of 12.3 billion staples).

The finished product.

This was finished much sooner than I expected it to be, blogwise. In real life, I have two chairs done, and one more chair cushion waiting for a second coat of Scotch Guard. Then only 5 more to go. So for you, it seems as though I'm done. But I'm not really done until you see this picture

with all reupholstered chairs instead of the old ones.

Here's how I sort of figured out what I needed to do:
How to Reupholster a Chair tutorial on YouTube
Chicks with (Staple) Guns
Years worth of watching Trading Spaces and While You Were Out on TLC, as research, of course.


LisAway said...

That looks great! Keep up the good work.

Rae said...

Love the fabric!!!

Kristi said...

It really updates the dining set! My niece is reupholstering her dining room chairs and is blogging about it too. It's funny how similar your pictures are!

Axxman said...

Love the chairs! Did you happen to use the new Nail Hunter for the staples?


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