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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pizza Bubble Ring

image from food.yahoo.com

Jed is in some tiny class this semester that is basically discussing the economics of the current financial crisis. Each week someone is in charge of bringing refreshments. He joked that yesterday's refreshments should be bubble themed since they were talking about some sort of bubble dealing with the topic... he's explained it all to me, but it's too early for my mind to function on that high of an intellectual level right now. You can ask him if you really want to know.

Anyways, he joked about bubble theme food, and then ended up being assigned the refreshments for that meeting. I got the fun challenge of bubble foods. Yea. His first thought was cream puffs, but was worried that the people in the class (half girls) would be the kind of people who would freak out about fattening, treat foods. So I did a Google search for bubble food recipes and landed on this one. I made it for us and then another batch for his class. Yum. And even though I made it twice, I only remembered to take one picture (not the one above) and it's when they are in dough stage, waiting in another dish to be put into the fluted tube pan. Whoops. Oh well, the picture on the website that I posted above is much better anyway.

My adjustments to the recipe:
Cover with tin foil for the first half or so of baking so the top ones don't get to brown. They aren't really burnt without the tin foil, but to my kids, they are.

And I made Trailer Trash Truffles... also ball or bubble shaped.


wendys said...

It looks fantastic! You are pretty creative to find food with a bubble theme.

Angela said...

You are a way better wife than me! And cook for that matter. I wish I had a class where we got refreshments...

Jamie said...

that looks yummy! I just love pizza.

Malissa said...

yum! looks great! i'll have to try it. i have all the ingredients handy- leftover from making pizza.

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