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Friday, February 20, 2009

If you didn't notice...

... I have another bake and blog* poll at the top of my sidebar to the right. Your options are:

Gorilla Bread: this is apparently like monkey bread, but with cream cheese in the middle of each dough ball.

Marshmallow Breakfast Rolls
: Although I don't think I'll feed them to anyone for breakfast.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Mallow Bars: just what it sounds like.

Ice Cream Kolachkes: These are a Czech pastry. My mother-in-law makes them (from a different recipe and calls them Kolaches) and uses poppy seeds as the filling. These ones from Taste of Home (but I can't link you to the recipe... it's a subscriber only recipe) involving ice cream as part of the recipe and filled with either raspberry or apricot pastry filling sounded yummy.

Hurry and vote!

*I love that I'm treating this like a regular event... like Dinner and Movie on Lifetime. (If that's the right channel?) Did I ever end up baking all the recipes from the last poll? I'll have to look and see. I know I made the Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes and wasn't happy with them. What else was on that poll? My mom's potato cinnamon rolls... I don't recall making them recently, but I definitely should... they are TASTY! What else??

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