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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Heart Magic Erasers

image from here

Ever since the Magic Eraser hit the shelves, people have been telling me how marvelous they are. Mostly, people tell me about how wonderful they are at getting drawings off of walls. One, my kids don't draw on our walls much. Two, everytime I've tried a Magic Eraser on my wall, it's taken not only the crayon or pencil or grime off, but also the paint. I'll willingly admit it's probably the cheap paint on my walls. So, my love for Magic Erasers wasn't at first sight.
I never clean my bathtub. Well, I wouldn't say never, but close enough to never that that is probably a fairly accurate estimate. I know, gross. But it's because everytime I clean it, it looks just as gross as before I cleaned it because no matter what I tried, it wouldn't get the dirt trapped under soap scum off of my tub. So tonight I did a google search and I came up with this page, which recommended a Magic Eraser. I just happened to have some on hand that I think my mom bought me when she was here after Baby X was born. And they worked!! My bathtub is the sparkliest cleanest it has been since we moved in. Hooray! I might even go take a bath...


Cristin said...

THey're good, except that I always feel like they fall apart really quickly.

Erin said...

I am so glad to know this tip. I recently had a similar fruitless attempt at cleaning the tub. And I hate how they take the paint off.

Kristi said...

I haven't had good luck with cleaning walls either, but I'm right with you on the tub cleaning. It works way better than Scrubbing Bubbles, Comet, or anything else I've tried. This is sounding like a product testimonial; which I guess it really is. oh well.

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