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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Crafty: Reupholstering Chairs #1

Jed and I are not crafty people. And by crafty, I don't just mean sewing a quilt, etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is we're not handy people. Since I was a very little girl I've always loved Victorian houses and thought it would be so neat to remodel one (why are remodeling shows always so romanticized?). But as an adult knowing who I am, and knowing who I married, it just seems like more a hassle than enjoyable. I just want to strike it rich and buy an already beautifully remodeled old Victorian home. Better yet, I want a brand new home built in a Victorian style. See how lazy I've gotten? And it's not that we aren't capable people. We're plenty capable... I just don't think we're capable of huge, handyman type stuff. At least not without some (and my some, I mean a lot) of mistakes. I had to unfreeze one of the pipes under our kitchen sink a few weeks ago when it had been below freezing for several days and it was a huge accomplishment for me.

So where am I going with this? I posted this weekend about how we're going to have to reupholster our chairs. Everyone (all two commenters) seemed very intrigued by this, so I figured I would post about it as we went. Sort of like how I learned how to sew from a pattern and blogged about it as well so everyone could mock me for my mistakes. Hopefully (please cross your fingers, say a prayer, throw a coin into a fountain for me) the end product makes me happy.

So... to start of this project, here's the before:

I really like the design. I don't really like the coloring of the wood (but I'm not tackling that). And, like I said, the cushions are hideous.

Here's the chair. I watched a lot of video tutorials online and this would all be so much simpler of it had a drop-in seat.

Close up on the cushion. I'm thinking I'm skipping the piping stage... if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see a row of piping at the top of the cushion and at the bottom. I'm not that good and I know the outcome would be horrible if I attempted it. This should be okay, right?

Where we are now. One chair has been taken apart... behind it is it's bare cushion.
There are 8 chairs total, so 7 more to go. And we can't take them apart all at once or we'll have nothing to sit on.

This is the fabric I ordered. At first I was looking for something more in blue with yellow as an accent and very little design to it. Somehow I ended up with this, but I like it.

Swatch from Joann's.

Plus, it was 50% off.

So the fabric is ordered, and one chair is ready to be reupholstered. Hopefully I'm not still posting about this in a year, but you never know...


Angela said...

I am THE most lazy person when it comes to home decorating! Just looking at your project makes me feel sleepy. We inherited a really beautiful wood table from the last house we lived in, but it didn't have any chairs, so we never use it except for the mail pile. I don't know how to go about finding chairs for a table that match, so the lonely table continues to sit...

wendys said...

I love the fabric choice. I know what you mean about the wood color too. I wish my furniture was all matching but I'm not about to try and strip or re-varnish furniture.

LisAway said...

I love the fabric! And even though I didn't comment on the previous post, I am intrigued by this adventure in first time upholstering.

And also I don't think I have ever seen upholster written out. No wait, I'm positive I must have and possibly many times. Still, I was SHOCKED to see that it's spelled with a "u". I'm weird.

Erin said...

Those really are nice chairs and worth the effort to reupholster. They will look great! Our kitchen chairs are an odd assortment of mismatched chairs that were going to be thrown away and two decent ones that we bought.

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